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Again answer “What is gender” in a thoughtful 500 word (min) response. Your response should be different from your first response, because it will take into account the readings that we have read up to this point in the semester. Using the readings from the previous weeks and the theory from those to explain your answer. You can use the articles to support your claims or to make a claim to debunk the articles.

These will not be graded on a scale they will be pass/fail for points. To pass, you need to follow the directions provided in class, write 500 words, spellcheck and proofread.

Again, use the week’s readings to guide your answers. You may use examples from your life too. You will need to cite a reading ( I don’t care that it is proper APA, just that you tell me what you are basing your argument on).

I already attached the reading we had in class.

P.S I am a 23 year old Chinese girl immigrant

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