individual response writing circle prompt



In my lecture that accompanies Goodwin’s Apocalypse I say that the painting represents: “vagueness, the ambiguity of any one person’s reality.” What emotions does this painting create in you as you study it more closely? Account for these emotions by describing the elements or parts of the painting responsible for evoking them. Then, explore how you might relate any of these emotions to the “vagueness” or “ambiguity” of the changes you see happening today in our world, country, culture, or society.

Complete your Individual Response using the prompt given below. Your IR should be written in a separate document then cut/pasted into a new thread on the discussion board. Be sure your IR follows these guidelines:

  • You have to Watch the Video before you getting start
  • Will focus on the specific prompt provided below
  • Will be a minimum of 200 words in length to be considered “acceptable”
  • “Superior/Exceptional” responses will go above and beyond in detail, clarity, complexity, and thoughtfulness
  • Will directly reference the reading/lecture (use at least 2 citations)
  • Will include proper MLA citation and Works Cited listing at the end

Goodwin’s Apocalypse Video:

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