collective bargaining negotiations contract modification we are the labor union side vs management side

We are the labor union side vs management side. Please modify the attached contract, change to benefits for the union side.

Each assigned group shall review the “Simulation CBA” and make changes to the CBA that are favorable to your position (management or union). The “proposal” should reflect your side’s wish list, i.e. what changes you would want to make if you could unilaterally do so. Please make at least seventeen (17) changes in your proposal. Each group will also determine which ten (10) changes would be their priorities to achieve had there been negotiations. (“top ten”).

The top ten shall be submitted to the professor using an Excel spreadsheet made up of four (4) columns: the first column will identify the article and section of the cba; the second column will contain the current cba language; the third column will have the language in the proposal; and, the fourth column will have the “target”, i.e. what you would be willing to agree to had their been negotiations.

Article 1, Section 1, Paid Sick Leave

Paid sick leave can be used for an employee’s illness…

Paid sick leave can be used for an employee’s illness, as well as to care for a family member who is ill.

Sick leave may be used for an employee’s illness, as well as to care for an employee’s spouse or child who is ill.

This week, each side will be drafting their
proposals. The “proposal” is the cba edited with your recommendations, and will be given, or
“swapped”, with the other side’s proposal after next week’s class. Each side must read the cba with an “uncompromising eye”. If you are on the management side, then you should not have your “employee hat” on, just as if you are union side, you should not have your “management hat” on. Reasonableness does not need to come into play with the proposal. Reasonableness can come during negotiations. The less reasonable you are, the more flexibility you will have during the negotiations, and the enjoyment from the assignment will be in the negotiating, not being at a stalemate.

At least
seventeen (17) changes must be made to the cba, preferably
more. The more changes, the more with which to bargain. Of these 17, each team will choose
ten (10) changes to concentrate on (the top ten targets) during negotiations.
Only I see each team’s top ten targets; do not share with the other side. It is from these top ten targets that each team will be graded. Therefore, all of the other changes you make besides the targets are what is commonly referred to as
“throwaways”, i.e. language you are willing to give up in order to achieve your priorities (targets).

By next Tuesday,
each team must submit one (1) team proposal and the team’s top ten targets. The proposal is the entire cba with edits. The language you are eliminating should have a
strike through. Following the strike through, should be the
new language in bold. So, for example, if the provision states that “The employer shall provide 10 sick days for the employee’s illness”, a union team may have the following proposal:

The employer shall provide
15 sick days for the employee’s illness,
as well as to care for a parent’s and child’s illness.

In this example, possible targets could be
12 days and only including
“child’s illness”.

*** Please note how the target (12) falls between the current language (10) and the proposal language (15)****

Points will be awarded as follows:

1 point for effort

2 points for positive movement towards your target

3 points for achieving target or for “getting close” to the target (professor discretion)

The most possible points is 30.

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