book summary 11

“The Color of Water: A Black Man’s Tribute to His White Mother” Guidelines

You should briefly summarize the attached book and give the background of the author.

The major portion of the report should describe and explain how the book addresses diversity – race, gender, religion, etc. You should discuss the strengths and failings of the representation of diversity in the book. You may give short examples or excerpts to make your point.

You should cover, among other issues, use of dialogue, chronology and anecdotes to tell the diversity story.

You should give an assessment of how much obvious research the writer did on the book and the primary sources used. Also discuss whether you think reading this book/author would be useful to others, whether they are interested in diversity issues and why. What can a person interested in inclusion gain by reading this book?

The concluding paragraphs should explain your personal feelings about the book.

You may use a conversational style and first person in your report. The report should be at least four (4) pages long with 2.0-line spacing in 12-point Times font. The margins should be no more than 1 inch around the page. Include a title page stapled on top of the other pages.

  • Include a complete citation at the end of your work. (This is not included in the minimum page count.)
  • Wikipedia is not allowed as a source.
  • You must use proper grammar, proper capitalization and correct spelling.
  • Use proper paragraph structure.
  • Don’t overuse the word “I.”
  • Avoid clichés, redundancies and wordiness in your writing.

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