john adams biography the second president of u s a

In 3-5 pages, MLA format, highlight the author’s life. Discuss major turning points in his life and/or his inspiration. If your author received any awards or recognition, either during his lifetime or afterward, include that in your paper. Anything that is of note pertaining to your author should be in your paper.

Do not analyze any of his work such as: his novels, stories, poems, etc.

Do not criticize any of his work either.

This essay must be written in essay type format such as Introduction, Body, then conclusion. Also keep an eye on Titile/Hook, Thesis, Organization, support, tone, mechanics.

Please include references in MLA format. This page does not count toward 3-5 pages.

Please be sure the biography is about ONLY John Adams and his life (as stated in the question above) NO ONE ELSE’S!!

If any question, please let me know.

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