build process involved with android mobile app development

David Cosby owns Wooden Ships Incorporated (WSI) and you work for him as a mobile application developer. David has heard that there is a build process involved with Android mobile app development, but he does not know anything about this subject. He asks you to write a short business memo that will provide an overview of the Android build process.


  1. Find and read at least one reference from the Internet from within the past 3 years about the Android build process.
  2. Write a short business memo to Mr. Cosby (about 350 words) that:
    1. Includes a diagram for the Android build process (Refer to the Rubric for diagram requirements)
    2. Explains the process shown in the diagram
  3. Your memo must include in-text citations and a reference list for at least two references; one can be the textbook.
  4. Improper English, misspellings, and poor grammar result in lower grades.

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