research paper 706

Read the case study # 1 uploaded below and answer the following questions:

    • Did the lack of documentation in the admitting nurse’s assessment and notes affect the ultimate outcome of this case?
    • Was there negligence on the part of the nursing staff in the care of this patient?
    • What could the nurse have done differently to facilitate a different outcome in this case?
    • How would you decide this case?

Read the case study # 2 uploaded below and answer the following questions:

– What provisions of an insurance policy would you consult to determine if an insurance company should pay such a claim, and what would the limits of the liability be?

– Is the nursing home insurance company correct in saying that this is a professional judgment issue?

– Which insurance company (the nursing home’s or that of the administrator of the nursing home, assuming she has coverage) should pay the court-ordered judgment?

– Was the physician neglectful in this case or does the responsibility lie primarily on the nurse?

Using the sample professional liability insurance policy uploaded below, locate the following various provisions:

    • Limits of liability, Declarations, Deductibles, Exclusions, Reservation of rights, Covered injuries, Defense costs, Coverage conditions and supplementary payments
    • Did you have difficulty finding some of the sections? Would this be a policy that you would consider purchasing for your own liability coverage? Why or why not?

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