create an intervention plan and smart goals for special need kid

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Case History

July is a 10 year old girl who is in fifth grade. She lives with her parents and younger sister. Her parents and teacher are concerned because she is not progressing with learning academic content, particularly in Language Arts and Social Studies, and she is falling farther behind her peers. Her parents reported that she has difficulty following directions and correctly putting words together to make complete sentences. At times, she does not initiate or maintain eye contact, and she frequently gets frustrated in noisy environments.

  • Target three different language skills/goal areas. Write a goal for each of these target areas.Make sure that your goals contain all four areas of “good” goals
  • Condition
  • Behavior
  • Criteria
  • Measurement

and are appropriate to the child’s language profile.

  • For each of these three goals/areas, plan one activity, including methods/strategies that you will use to address these areas. For each, provide the following:
  1. Provide/write out the complete goal. Use the examples from your lecture notes and class discussion.
  2. Under each goal, provide a description of how you will address this goal. Please include explicit detail about the 1. Activity, AND 2. method/strategy. The activity AND method/strategy MUST be appropriate for the client based on their age (10 Y.O) and/or developmental level. Examples include:
    • #1 – While reading The Big Red Barn (activity), the clinician will model (strategy) to the client by pointing to (identifying) and naming (labeling) pictures and corresponding animal sounds of target vocabulary words (e.g., “pig says oink oink”).
  1. Provide rationales for the use of each of these activities. In other words, why are you using this activity and incorporating these methods/strategies?
  • For #1 – Verbally labeling pictures and providing additional verbal input (via modeling; e.g., animal sounds) promotes vocabulary learning by using a visual image paired with the spoken word to define the meanings of vocabulary words.

Example Outline:

Goal #1 (Make sure to write out the goal.) what the clinician or the SLP will be working on with July

  • Activity: Topic Talk conversation card game
  • Methods/Strategies:( Explain the activity)
  • Rationale: why?

Goal #2 (Make sure to write out the goal.)

  • Activity: following direction farm
  • Methods/Strategies #2
  • Rationale #2

Goal #3 (Make sure to write out the goal.)

  • Methods/ Activity: Prepositions clip cards
  • Strategies:
  • Rationale #3

I gave you 3 possible activities based on the case and what we want to work on:

* she has difficulties with receptive semantics skills may

* following direction and maintaining eye contact

* Formulated Sentences / expressive syntax and putting words together to formulate grammatically correct sentences,semantic, and pragmatic rules is an area of difficulty for her as well.

Please Do not take this question if you don’t have experience with communication disorders

No required limit as long as you satisfied all 3 goals with methods and rational

Do not copy from the internet. be creative and type in ur own words.

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