research method ii

This paper serves several purposes, the first of which is helping you gain insight into

research papers in psychology. As this may be your first time reading and writing papers

in psychology, one goal of Paper I is to give you insight into what goes into such papers.

This study one-lit review will help you a). better understand the psychology topic chosen

for the course this semester (Sexuality Priming), b). learn about the various sections of an

empirical research report by reading five peer-reviewed articles (that is, articles that have

a Title Page, Abstract, Literature Review, Methods Section, Results Section, and

References Page), and c). use information gathered from research articles in psychology

to help support your hypotheses for your first study this semester (Sexuality Priming). Of

course, you’ll be doing a study two literature review later in the semester, so think of this

Paper I as the first part of your semester long paper. I recommend looking at the example

Paper V, actually, to see what your final paper will look like. It might give you a better

idea about how this current paper (as well as Papers II, III, and IV) all fit together into

your final paper of the semester.

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