presentation about solar cell

i need someone to do this power point presentation so there are 2 question i want 3 slides for each one. so total will be 6 to 7 slides power point and please provide the paper speak about the slides and write on slides presentation too. thank you look down eq. true false eq i need it in slide with explaining why is it true or false

cell characterization: Efficiency,

quality, changing properties with temperature etc.


is the structure of a solar cell?…


are the basic steps in the operation of a solar cell?


or false(F): Light energy produces the only voltage in a solar cell.


or F: Light to electricity generation requires absorption light more than 600 nm wavelength radiation?


or F: Light created high energy holes pass through the external circuits.


is a p-n junction? Show by the diagram.


(a) Explain how light generate current by only using diagram and conceptual drawing…


By using the collection efficiency graph show the areas or region where light generated charges are collected into an external circuit

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