supply chain for yoga fit 2

In about 2-3 paragraphs provide a high level view of your supply chain. Consider what you will need to successfully take your product to market and where you might encounter breaks or obstacles in the chain.

You should also address the issue of what type of suppliers you might need and where they are located. What issues do you anticipate? Do not forget to consider political, trade and social issues. If you need a steady supply of coffee or chocolate, will you buy only Fair Trade? Are there child labor issues? Import restrictions? PLEASE FOCUS ON WHERE THE SUPPLIES FOR YOGA.FIT LIKE MATS AND MAT STRAPS WILL COME FROM I.E CHINA, VIETNAM, ETC..and how you will get them into Yoga.Fit to sell directly to the consumers at the yoga studio.

Part Two:
You will create Word chart with three columns:

Up stream


Down stream

For each of the columns, identify 4-5 items that you will need for a complete supply chain. Bullets are fine, but make sure that you are clear.

In the last row, list your typical end user (DIRECT TO CONSUMER).

Your chart will look similar to this: See attached photo.

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