write a 800 1000 word essay after watching a video below are the written instructions with requirements 1

Essay Instructions

Needs to be 800-1000 words, written as if you were me watching this video. Here are the instructions. MLA Format. Thank you very much

In part 2 of section 1 you learned about both the United States Constitution and the Texas constitution. You also read about the Tenth Amendment and what it means in regards to the power relationship between Texas and the United States. Watch the following video. In this video, you will see Gov. Rick Perry addressing this very relationship


For this Essay, once you have watched the video you will demonstrate you understanding of the relationship between the federal and state governments by writing a 800-1000 word analysis, In you analysis you MUST include the following

  • Give a BRIEF description of the relationship that exist between the United States government and the fifty individual states under the US federal system. In other words, What is federalism? Here you need to show that you understand what this relationship was intended for and how it was intended to work. (short paragraph)
  • How does Rick Perry see this relationship today?
  • Describe the relationship between the US and Texas that was created by the 10thamendment
  • What is Rick Perry’s view on this relationship?
  • What do you think about the content of the speech?

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