professional vs personal ethics

  • Identify and research a company recently in the news which has faced one of the topics listed below:
    • Accounting and business reporting
    • Cultural diversity (Howard Gardner article)
    • Information security
    • Culture and ethics of a company
    • Company–client confidently
    • Advertising of products
    • Privacy and monitoring issues
    • Sexual harassment in the workplace
  • Write a paper of approximately 2 pages on the company and topic chosen in terms of both the personal and professional ethical issues that existed.
  • Include the following in your paper:
    • A description of the ethical issue faced by the company
    • Effects of the issue on both the personal and professional ethics of company employees
    • Evident resolution strategies that the company used to address the ethical issue. If they did not seek to resolve the issue, what strategies could they have used?
    • Recommendations on changes that you would propose in order to minimize the identified ethical dilemmas

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