quiz questions 5

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Write at least two (2) paragraphs to answer each question below. Write in complete sentences and address each aspect of the question. Proofread your work and correct spelling and grammatical errors.

1. As noted in the course reading material, there is a great deal of variation in sexual behaviors. Some of these behaviors (referred to as fetishes) are acceptable and are legal while others are not. List and describe five (5) forms of fetishes. Use examples as needed

Define the following terms:

1) flirtation, and 2) sexual harassment.

Discuss the difference between flirtation and sexual harassment. State whether ‘power’ plays a role in sexual harassment? If so, how? Explain with examples.

There are mixed views about gay and lesbian couples being parents, and society seems to perpetuate fears about their suitability as parents. Do you think the gender of the parent matters or can the child benefit more from being in a loving and caring environment? Discuss your views on this.

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