Discussion Replies

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First student:

Part 1:

Gallery artist:

Robert Motherwell

  1. The audiences of this kind of art are for everybody who appreciates liberty since his painting represents the harsh conditions which Spanish people lived during Spanish civil war. Therefore, he addresses his work to those people who suffer from violence and persecution. The individual that realize the meaning of Matherwell’s artworks would have to have profound background of tacks of his unique painting. As a result, Robert Motherwell achieved an extraordinary protest art in order to share his imagines with the people who evaluate such a kind of art and who are really lived the renaissance era, so they considered the actual audiences.
  2. Robert Motherwell performed his job based in the actual lives that many people lived during the fascist of Francisco Franco; his artworks depicted the violence terrors and people suffering during that disgraceful period. This relationship is not only represent the past period of dictatorial leader but also represent the everyday humans lived under political authoritarians.

Outside of the Gallery artist:


  1. The majority audiences of guerrilla activates artists are women who are looking for prevention the discrimination against the women. This feminist activates fight for human support rights for all gender in many cities around the world.
  2. This movement is established as a result of political, social bias against the women. The Guerrilla feminist activates is clearly addressed the problem that the women all over the world suffered every day. This idea is string but at the same time lead to effective impact on people to look at the great rule of the women because she is mother, sister, and wife, so all the people have to ban the discrimination and give the women the true right in the life. The majority women in the third world are living in slavery situation till now. As a result, this feminist activates movement encourage the women to defend her rights and fight for her future in order to live equality with the men.

Part 2:

Robert Motherwell.jpg

  • Artist: Robert Motherwell.
  • Title: Elegy to the Spanish Republic XXXIV.
  • Size: 80″ × 100″.
  • Location: Albright-Knox Art Gallery, Buffalo, New York.
  1. This painting is one set of 150 panels. In this picture, Motherwell expresses the amount of grief and pain he feels because of the loss of freedom in Spain. I think that the artist is right as the loss is very painful and also carries psychological and physical damage as the amount of violence experienced by the human during the war.
  2. From my point of view the artist was able to express his sadness in a creative way through this painting, where the viewer can discover and feel from the first glance Motherwell’s wrath and pain. I think this is the main artwork communicate message, also the number of audience actually affect since everybody has its own side view which is different than others. In fact, there are people who do not like paintings that express sorrow and loss of freedom I think that such works remind them of dear people who lost them during the war, or who themselves lived in that period and do not want to remember it, however this kind of art still has it audiences.
  3. I think one of the most important elements that highlight the success of the artist in all the different types of art are the audiences who supporting the artist, also I believe the size of the audience that see the artwork its really related the artist’s success regardless of protest because after reading chapter 10 and searching about specific things that I didn’t understand I explored this kind of art has its fans who are really happy when they see artworks related with protest.

second student:

Part 1:

Kara Walker creates large, black and white, silhouettes that pertain to Civil Rights. I believe her audience is anyone and everyone who has experienced discrimination. Her artworks are her interpretations of the struggle of being a Black woman in the twenty first century. Even though slavery ended many years ago, racism is still very much alive today. Kara’s cut outs are simple yet very detail oriented. Sometimes it’s hard to tell if the image has been created by the positive or the negative of the paper. I believe this is a symbolism of how all humans are created equal as we all require the same basic needs to survive. To a blind man we are all the same so why are we judgmental based on color. The relationships between the people moved by Kara’s artwork most likely have had some of Kara’s same experiences. There is a significant connection between the images and our self-reflection. I believe Kara’s art pertains to many struggles of life. Not just black or white but for anyone who has ever felt as though they are lower class or not good enough.

JR is an artist who constructs larger than life photography that represents the hardships of life, most recently the struggle over the U.S.-Mexico Border. JR’s artwork is almost like graffiti. He creates these huge powerful pieces in illegal places. The art is meant for the select few that have the privilege of seeing it firsthand before it’s torn down. He could get the proper permits to build such art but I don’t believe we’d see the same outcome nor do I think the permits would be granted. The artwork is relevant to his viewers as the message pertains to the location. The only people who would get to see it are the people that happen to be in the right place at the right time. They are able to relate to the messages JR is trying to convey because they live in the area. They live first hand in the area of poverty or feel themselves dreaming of a better life. JR designs art that make us think and reflect on the decisions we’re making now and how they will affect the future.

Part 2:


Artist: JR

Title: Gigantic Picnic at the US-Mexico Border Fence

Size: Gigantic

Location: United States Mexico Border

The goal of Gigantic Picnic is to show we are all equally the same free people. JR created a gigantic picnic table on both sides of the US-Mexico border. Once the artwork was completed he invited both United States citizens and Mexican citizens to share a meal. They were able to come together as one community and forget that they were divided by a wall. I think this symbolizes how much we are the same. We all need food, water, and community to survive. By building a wall to separate Mexicans from US citizens we are making a statement that US citizens are better than Mexicans. Yet we are all humans and we are all created equal. By making his art piece into a table he effectively brought together citizens from both sides of the wall. The range of viewers when the table was first completed was small but once the word of mouth got out hundreds of people came to have lunch at the gigantic picnic table. I think the powerful meaning behind the picnic table brought local media attention and social media attention which created a viral message for thousands of people to view. The more people that see the table, whether in person or not, the more people are talking about the real issue behind the eyes of the dreamer. I think the size of the table definitely plays a part in the success of the protest. If the table were a regular size table there wouldn’t have been much of a reaction. The fact that the table is large enough to seat 75 plus people, and that it’s located on both sides of the border, now that’s buzz worthy.


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