Finance Question

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Question 1:

a. Why do existing bonds lose value when interest rates rise?

b. Imagine you had $10,000 to invest right now and you could only invest it in one publicly traded company. Which company would you choose and why?

•To make sure we get some variety (and to prevent your instructors from going insane from over-exposureJ), please
do not choose any of the following companies: Apple, Tesla, Google, or Amazon

•Be careful not to fall into the “Black Friday is coming up so I’ll invest in Target” trap or any of the other common investment mistakes discussed in this presentation

•In your response, include the stock price for this company as of November 13, 2017 and compare that to its price on January 13, 2017.

Question 2:

Once again imagine that you had $10,000 to invest today. Using this link, how much would that $10,000 be worth in 15 years if it was invested in an asset that returned 7.5% interest, compounded annually?

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