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Answer all 3 questions to answer in the Discussion Board: Post an initial response post with a minimum of 3 paragraphs,

  1. Although the elections of Kennedy and Obama opened up opportunities for Catholics and African Americans, many demographic groups have still never achieved the presidency. In thinking ahead to the elections of 2016 and 2020, can you identify any possible candidates from these other groups-perhaps women, Asians, or Jewish candidates-who might break through yet another glass ceiling?
  1. Are some states so different in culture and character from the nation as a whole that they make poor “laboratories” for experimentation? In considering national legislation, can we really learn much from Hawaii, Alaska, or Wyoming, to name just a few places?
  2. Can one justify the assassination of foreign leaders (military or otherwise) other than those recognized by the international community to be mass murders? Are there any foreign leaders in place today whose assassination would be welcome world-wide? Who are they?

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