Individual: Design and Test a Small Network

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You work for a regional company that provides payroll and benefit administration services. The company is opening a new regional office and you have been tasked with the following:

  • Designing a hybrid wired and wireless network that meets the defined uses and requirements
  • Summarizing a test plan for the new network installation

Network Uses and Requirements are as follows:

  • The new office will have five accountants, five support staff, and an IT administrator.
  • The accountants and the IT administrator will each have separate offices.
  • There will be one conference room.
  • The support staff will have a shared space with separate work stations.
  • In addition to the computers, the following devices will be on the network and shared by everyone:
  • Two high-end color LaserJet multifunction printers with copy, scan, print, and fax capabilities
  • Two low-end single function laser printers
  • E-Mail Server
  • File Server, which contains several databases
  • Print Server
    • The employees in the new office will also need access to the main office network and Internet.
    • A guest network is also needed for customers that provides Internet access.

Create the following documentation:

  • A network diagram illustrating your network design created in Microsoft® Visio®; including the appropriate security features, labeled network components, and the correct diagram shapes.
  • A 1-page executive summary explaining the design and identifying the high-level components included in the network installation test plan.

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