Cultural Norms Fact Sheet

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  • Select a culture/race different than your own. Research: 1) nutrition related health issues/disparities of concern for the population (e.g., diabetes, CVD, obesity, etc.); 2) cultural norms/environment influencing eating behaviors; and 3) strategies/resources to promote healthy eating incorporating cultural norms/environment. For example, your fact sheet might be titled, A Snapshot of Hispanics: Culture, Diet & Health; a first section titled, The Impact of Poor Eating Habits; a second section titled, The Influence of Culture & Environment on Eating; and a third section titled, Incorporating Culture to Improve Eating Habits. You should find the necessary information in the data sets discussed in Ch. 10, the list of websites in Appendix 6, and general web searches on your population.
  • Fact sheets should include: a title; your name/date created in bottom footnote; at least 1-2 images/pictures: at least 3 bulleted facts for each section; a list of at least 3 professional references used on the back/bottom in APA format; and be 2 pgs. and professional in appearance.

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