chap 12

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April 23/Chapter 12: Working With Older Adults’ Support Systems: Spouses, Partners, Families, & Caregivers

Instructions: Provide a 1-2 page discussion about the content below. The assignment is prepared in a narrative/essay format.

The content should include the following:

  • Define the term culturally competent; provide examples; be specific
  • Discuss/Explain how you would demonstrate culturally competent practice work with older minority adults and their families (i.e., spouse, partner and/or caregiver); use one peer-review journal article to support/validate your discussion.
  • No abstract is required; use appropriate headings for the assignment; use appropriate paragraph format and indentations. In your writing incorporate the language of the assignment. A cover page is required with submission. Points will be deducted for exceeding page length. Points will be deducted for late assignments and improper use of APA.

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