Case small project 2-1

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Case 2-1: Conducting Risk Assessment and Analysis

1.Business Process Identification Worksheet

Attached Files: Case0201File01 (1).doc

2.Asset Identification Worksheet

Attached Files:Case0201File02 (1).doc

3.Threat Identification and Assessment Worksheet

Attached Files:Case0201File03 (2).doc

4.Threat Mitigation Worksheet

Attached Files:Case0201File04 (3).doc

  • Case project 2-1

    Use the distributed templates in these files: Case0201File01.doc, Case0201File02.doc, Case0201File03.doc, and Case0201File04.doc. Students must complete each worksheet and follow instructions carefully. Each worksheet becomes part of the appendix in the students’ final Security Policies and Procedures Manual.DUE DATE:Turn in an electronic copy of your report at the end of week 1.Please deliver the electronic version using the link below and see the rubric on how the project will be assessed.

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