Summary for Book of Days story by Lanford Wilson

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Write summary for Book of Days by Lanford Wilson [Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright Lanford Wilson has created a story that compels us to examine the cultural ideals of small town life. We encounter Dublin, Missouri, its cheese plant, church, and community theatre, and a local woman who has taken on something more than the spirit of a role of Saint Joan she’s playing onstage. This play asks us to reexamine our assumptions about the people we think we know as well as and threats posed by extreme fundamentalism.]

Respond to performance as EITHER a Critic OR a Reviewer – you choose!


• Examples of critical criteria:

• What is being attempted? (5 points)

• Have the intentions been achieved? (5 points) •

Was the attempt worthwhile? (5 points)


• Reports on the theatrical event (5 points)

• Summarizes plot and identifies actors (5 points)

• Offers an opinion on whether or not the event is worth seeing (5 points)

Paper should be clear on whether a critic’s or reviewer’s POV is being expressed. You be the judge on how many out of 5 you assign each. You may deduct up to 3 points if assignment does not follow formatting guidelines USE THE WRITTEN WORK GUIDELINES

The guidelines in attachment

Hint: you can use internet to search for this story but make sure that you rephrase it and have no sources or reference it is just summary.

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