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The first paper requires you to introduce yourself and your organization as well as list the course objectives for the courses you are currently taking, excluding the externship course. You must include the official on-file job description as part of your submission. Each section should be set apart in the paper by a header.

  1. Course Outcomes – Find and list the official course outcomes for each of your other (non-externship) courses. This list should be broken down by course with the proper course prefix, number, and name.
  2. About My Company – Tell us about the company where you work: whether it is large or small; the industry that it serves (retail, hospitality, financial, healthcare, technology, government, education, etc.) the location of the company; and the company’s major products and services. If you’re employed as a contractor or consultant where the majority of your duties are carried out for a different organization than your official employer, you must complete this section for both organizations.

I work for Anthem as Business Analyst and QA. Please mention how it relates to the courses (part 1) “Marketing Management” and “Managerial Finance”.

Please mention about anthem and points in the question.

I need about 500 words.

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