Prescribe Solutions to Faculty Disengagement

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As the dean of faculty you have noticed a decline in faculty engagement, both full-time faculty and contingent faculty. You have noticed a significant increase in student complaints about faculty not providing clear directions and only minimal feedback when grading. In recent data-driven reports, you have also noticed a sharp increase in grade inflation. In an effort to engage and motivate faculty members towards adherence to the expectations, you have set up a mandatory meeting with all faculty members.

What are the next steps? What would you do to address the issues? What are the root causes of the disengagement? How will you reengage faculty?

This week, you will create a PowerPoint presentation with speaker notes. The presentation is what you plan to share at the mandatory meeting to address the situation. Include the elements that you believe would address the issues you have noticed, including, but not limited to, symptoms of grade inflation, student complaints, and decline in faculty engagement.

Length: 10-12 slides, with a separate reference slide

Notes: 250-300 words per slide

References: Include a minimum of five scholarly resources.

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