Library essay on needs assessment

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  1. Conduct a needs assessment (gather information about your community, either your local library community or the community in which you currently work)
  2. Determine outcomes (based on the needs assessment how will the community benefit from programs and services offered by the library?)
  3. Thinking about the program or service you created for Assignment #2 will this program or service meet one or more of the outcomes (unmet needs/aspirations) you determined in #2 above?
  4. What measures will you use to determine the program is successful or know that the outcomes are achieved? Surveys (PLA’s Project Outcome), interviews, focus groups, testing and observation?
  5. How might you share the results of your program or service? If funded by the Friends of the Library or other organization you could send a report or present information, present to the library’s funders such as the Library Board and/or elected officials, publish an article in a library journal, share your methods with other library staff so they can replicate the program
  6. Describe the 5 steps listed above in an essay, approximately 1000 words.

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