Religion homework

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In your own words, answer the following questions using this sheet.

Points are awarded for the most thorough answers.

Must Answer ALL OF these questions utilizing the Course Material only:


  1. Define both cosmological and transcendental religion.
  2. Present an example or feature included within each specific religion.
  3. What is significant about the Axial Age?
  4. Name three visionaries from this Age.
  5. Define each of the three groups of “meta-myth’s” of religion introduced at the beginning of each new unit.
  6. Explain what are the unique aspects of each Myth.
  7. Name the religions corresponding to the Myth.
  8. What are the Ultimate Questions of Concern?
  9. How have these influenced religion?
  10. Name specific examples.


A. Name the similarities between Hinduism and Buddhism. Name the differences.

B. Name the similarities between Judaism and Islam. Name the differences.

C. Name the similarities between Confucianism and Taoism. Name the differences

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