Prepare a detailed outline for cloud compuitng

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Prepare a detailed outline, Your company’s CIO interested in hosting several existing and new applications on a cloud. The CIO requests that you conduct some research to determine the most appropriate cloud computing solution for the needs of the application. The goal of your research is to create a comprehensive assessment document to assist IT in determining the best cloud-based solution for a given application.

The assessment document should detail what factors should your organization consider when making a cloud computing decision. The assessment document should cover the following topics:

Cloud deployment model(s)

Cloud service model(s)

Cloud storage

Cloud security

Cloud management

Cloud solution design – functional and non-functional requirements

For example, under Cloud deployment models, what questions must be answered in order to determine if a public, private, hybrid, or community cloud is the correct solution?

Outline should be 4-5 pages in length.

The page count should not include the title page and references page.

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