Describe specific motivational techniques

Using the Waldorf Online Library and other disciplinary resources, research how motivational leadership is used in your  field. Using this information, write an essay that describes how motivational techniques can be used to enhance employee  performances within your field. Be sure your essay addresses the following topics.

Describe specific motivational techniques that could be used within your organization or one that interests you to improve  work performances. Include your rationale.

Examine the effectiveness of motivating employees for the purpose of organizational retention.

Explain how goal setting and motivation promote positive organizational behavior and ethical decision-making.

In your opinion, explain how today’s leaders can best motivate followers to perform their greatest potential.

Your APA-formatted response must be a minimum of two pages (not including the title page and the references page) and  must include an introduction, a thesis statement (concise summary of the main point of the paper), and a clear discussion  of the questions/topics above.

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