​Unit I Reflection Paper-Psych

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Why Did I Go to College?

Suppose that someone has told you that after reviewing both your genetic background and environmental experiences
(childhood until your current age), he or she has concluded that your environment had very little influence on your
decision to go to college. Basically, you inherited the most reproductively advantageous genes, which led you to enroll in
your degree program.

Reflect on your decision to enroll in college. Choose one reason why you feel that you are enrolled in college today.
Examples might include the following:

  •  Intelligence: Do you consider yourself smart? Why? Did you participate in certain “smart kid” activities? Was that
    your choice?
  •  Personality traits: Have you always been told you were “extroverted” or “shy” or “ambitious?” How did that
    influence you?
  •  Family history: Has everyone in your family always gone to college? Did you grow up engaging in activities that
    were different than people whose families did not go to college?
    Then, use the concepts of passive, evocative, and active genotype-environment correlations to refute or support the claim
    that the environment had little to do with your college career. Your assignment should include the following:
     an opening narrative of your decision to attend college,
     a definition of each correlation,
     an analysis of each correlation in relation to your chosen reason, and
     a summary statement of your support or criticism of a gene-only lens to lifespan development.
    Your reflection paper should be at least two pages in length.
    Information about accessing the Blackboard Grading Rubric for this assignment is provided below.

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