Two questions MGT

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* Answer for each questions 200-250 words. Be concise and effective with the answers!

1. Pick your favorite leader among public figures (a person that we have at least heard of in US). Using the Big Five personality factors, pick one personality factor that best describes the personality of the leader and explain how (e.g., Elon Musk is high in “openness to change” because…). Also, what would happen as a side effect (pitfalls) if this personality type is taken too far? (e.g., too much “openness to change” would result in …)

look at the video and the website for more info on Big Five personality: Video


2. Think of an organization that you have worked for (for me, retail). Did you have a high level of 1) job satisfaction? Did you have a high level of 2) organizational commitment? Why were/are your job satisfaction and organizational commitment high/low? What factors seemed to influence your 1) job satisfaction and 2) commitment to this organization?

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