Topic 2 DQ2 response to Clarice applegate

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The concept of family health is important because an individual’s future health can be predicted or prevented. There are different diseases that are hereditary such as cardiac or respiratory problems, certain cancers, diabetes, asthma and even Alzheimer’s (Holland, 2016). Knowing your health history is considered to be proactive rather than having to be reactive. If an individual is aware of what diseases they may be predisposed to, you can change your lifestyle early enough to help reduce the risks. “We know that if both parents have type 2 diabetes, there’s about a 50 percent risk that you and your siblings could have the genes passed on,” says Edward Hess, MD, an endocrinologist who leads the diabetes program at Kaiser Permanente in Fontana, California. Another example is with a very rare form of Alzheimer’s, referred to as “Familial Alzheimer’s disease” occurs in only about 2 percent of individuals with the illness but there is a 50 percent chance of developing the disease if you have a parent with the illness who has a confirmed genetic mutation (Herrmann, 2016).

There are 3 different health strategies for health promotion. They are Health Communication, Health Education, and Promotion, Systems Change, and Environmental Change. Health Communication is the use of the media, TV commercials, newspapers, pamphlets, etc. to influence and inform individuals on enhancing their health. Health Education needs to be tailored to the type of population and the needs of the area to inform them of these different ways to enhance their health. Things like webinars, classes, lectures, or workshops can be used. In Promotion, Systems Change, and Environmental Change is putting the communication and education into action. Changing policies to provide smoke free zones, including health food choices in vending machines, or requiring workers to use PPE at work sites. Systems Change would include things like implementing new technologies or create training or certificate in system changes. Environmental changes would be creating biking or hiking paths, increase healthy foods in schools and restaurants (Rural Health Information Hub).

A nurse needs to first assess the community and population that needs the instruction. She needs to determine the current health education and literacy of the community. The current resources available to them for education, or the willingness of local clinics, pharmacies, or county governmental resources to help with the education. Once she has determined this, she can better set up the communication style to be used or the type of promotional tools to utilize.


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