Topic 2 DQ 3 Comment 2

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My idea for the executive summary assignment is to address the lack of safety due to the lack of metal detectors in the hospital entrances. I work at a psychiatric hospital which houses chronically and acute ill individuals from all walks of life. The violence at my hospital have increased in the past years due to contraband. There had been many incidents where patients have attacked peers with metal artifacts such as scissors or keys. Despite of increased security policies enforced such as patients being monitored during visits with family, contraband still gets through. The security at my hospital are not police officers so they are very limited into how they search the patients and family members. Patients are not the only problem since there was a report that at another psychiatric hospital a staff was found to be playing with a bullet inside the hospital. This is a concern since staff could also be a victim to violence from staff. There was a period that my hospital had lay-offs and they needed police officers to escort the staff out of the hospital.

The quality improvement would be to place metal detectors at every entrance in the hospital. Since this will prevent patients and staff from suffering serious bodily injury. The hospital will benefit since this will decreased cost on medical hospital care and lawsuits. The target population are staff and patients in the hospital since anyone could be a victim of violence. This will need the approval from administration and the department of health since it is a hospital setting. The cost will need to be absorbed by the hospital since it will be an investment to prevent any lawsuits for bodily injury. The inclusion of metal detectors will prevent any weapons from getting into the building assuring the safety of patients and staff alike.

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