three fall sentances for each question

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Write them on a WORD Doc, then drag them into the box on the class D2L page under “Test 1 Terms”

Only answer 4 of them, take your pick, in 3 concise, information filled sentences.

On Friday 22nd, You will see the images in class, only write on only one of them : ^ )

So for tomorrow- I will bring paper, no phones or computers on once you enter the room !thanks!

Part One! Terms BELOW, only answer 4

1. Christian Abstraction(hints- define – example- why?)

2. Cloisonné (hints- define, give an examples, how created and which cultures? …Migratory! but name a couple of them)

3. Charlemagne (hints-Who was he, where was he, what did he do to stabilize Europe and for the arts??)

4. The statue of the 4 Tetrarchs (hints -STYLE? material is porphyry why is that a bid deal?- what do they represent?, where did they end up?)

5. Feudalism (hint-Secular versus Religious power- how did “power work” amongst the people, who reunited Europe as a Holy Roman Empire?)

6.. Chi Rho- (hints-?) What is it, which language, what does it have to do with Constantine the Great?

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