This will be 1 of 3 questions (THEY WORK AS A COMPLETE ASSIGNMENT) Discussion Assignment: How Do We Wampanoag Survive This? Points NO Plagiarism or AI work Required Reading/Watching Prior to this dis

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This will be 1 of 3 questions (THEY WORK AS A COMPLETE ASSIGNMENT)

Discussion Assignment: How Do We Wampanoag Survive This? Points

NO Plagiarism or AI work

Required Reading/Watching

Prior to this discussion, you should have:

  • Read Chapters 1 through 3 of your textbook, The American Yawp, and taken notes (this is uploaded on the last question)
  • Read Additional Reading: “A Gaspesian Man Defends His Way of Life” (It will not let me upload this)
  • Completed and submitted the Unit 1 Paper Assignment: “The Columbian Exchange in Your Home”

Learning Outcome(s) Addressed

  • Analyze historical facts and interpretations
  • Analyze and compare political, geographic, economic, social, cultural, religious, and intellectual institutions, structures, and processes across a range of historical periods and cultures
  • Recognize and articulate the diversity of human experience across a range of historical periods and the complexities of a global culture and society
  • Recognize the impact of geography, environment, and the natural world on the course of history and how choices are often limited by physical factors beyond the control of human beings
  • Grasp the capacity of human beings to make a difference in history, and recognize the complexities of cause and effect and of intended and unintended consequences


This discussion focuses on situational awareness, assessing community problems and opportunities, and collective problem solving.

In this case, the year is 1695, and this class are the leaders of among the very last survivors of the Wampanoag Tribe living in the Massachusetts Colony. You must discuss plans on how to survive your rapidly shrinking tribal lands and populations, and then create a plan will that you see will work best.

Among the problems you face: Your people have lived thousands of years in what the Europeans call Massachusetts and Rhode Island, despite the hardships of nature and frequent warfare with neighboring tribes, many of whom don’t share your language or customs. By in the late 1500s, European fishing crews and traders arrived, bringing many diseases, animals, insects, and weeds that started to infect and kill your ecosystem. Death and destruction accelerated when English Puritans arrived by the thousands in 1629, overrunning your villages. The 1676 Metacom’s War killed around 40 percent of your people, and many of your survivors were sold far away into slavery. What do you do?


Step 1: Gather evidence as you can from the Unit 1 textbook readings, video lectures, and additional reading “A Gaspesian Man Defends His Way of Life.” Gather as many statistics, events ,and examples as you can regarding conditions in North America up to 1695 and how they might relate to the Wampanoag problems, and their opportunities.

Step 2: Analyze that evidence and see what it is telling you: Explore options among the conditions in North America up to 1695. Note: you and no one else can see the future, but you can examine the past and present to determine your best options. Do you stay in the area? If you do, how do your survive? Who do you work with and how? Who do you avoid and how? Do you leave? If so, where are the best options and why? How do you get there? Do you split up and decide for yourselves?

Step 3: Communicate your findings honestly to yourself and others: Each of you will submit a minimum of three highly detailed posts:

  • Your first post will state what the tribe should not do and why they should not do it. Show absolutely all the specific historical evidence you gathered that tells you why you see this as the worst place to be and the least favorable people (native or outsider) to work with. Be specific about the people, place, and strategy you see as the weakest option.

Criteria for success Earning a high score:

  • Gathering evidence: A successful exploration will show twenty or more pieces of evidence (statistics, events, and/or examples) within each post.
  • Analyzing the evidence: A successful examination will include three or more historically valid observations within each post.
  • Communicating honestly to yourself and others: Successful communication will clearly state this evidence and analysis, with correct grammar and spelling.

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