Thinking about Thesis Statements

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1. This respond should be addressed to Michelle Shines

Single parented homes have been labeled with facing many hardships while two-parent homes are represented as the normal standard for society. Can the increase of single parented homes have an impact on the social values of society today?

-Whether the family is represented as an intact (mother and father) or non-intact (single parent) household parenting requires that those individuals be mature and responsible mothers and fathers to raise well-rounded children (Maurya, Parasar & Sharma, 2015).

-Society in the past has presented the normal family unit as one consisting of a married mother and father.

-It was impressed that effectual parenting could only be administered by having two responsible parents in the home.

-Single parenting was frowned upon because it did not represent the perfect picture of what society painted as a functional family.

-Single parent homes are stereotyped with being at higher risk for producing children who are more likely of becoming involved in criminal behavior, having emotional problems, adolescent pregnancy, substance abuse addictions or suffer from financial hardships (Zartlet, 2014).

-Society pushed the idea that single-parent households are more likely to produce children who have looser moral values (Zartler, 2014). I do feel as though I have an idea of the topic and how I want to develop but I am not so confident about the development of my thesis statement. I several ideas that I can use to debate the problems faced by single-parent families versus those of two parented families. I believe that I do need to work more on trying to develop and strong thesis statement and streamline the main points I want to present in an introductory paragraph.


Maurya, A. K., Parasar, A., & Sharma, A. (2015). The effect of single parent and both parents family on emotional and behavioral problems. Indian Journal Of Health & Wellbeing, 6(12), 1235-1237.

Zartler, U. (2014). How to Deal With Moral Tales: Constructions and Strategies of Single-Parent Families. Journal Of Marriage & Family, 76(3), 604-619.

2. This respond should be addressed to Andrice Willingham

Black Lives Matter is a global organization throughout the United States that empowers to build power and intervene on violence inflicted on the Black Communities. The international movement expands in the African American Communities to stop the hate, killing and overall systemic racism against black people.

1). A Black Lives Activist, Muhiyidin Moye, was fatally shot on February 6, 2018 while bicycling late in New Orleans after he stood up against prominence after the South Carolina State House Confederate flag controversy.

2). Trayvon Martin was shot to death on February 26, 2012 in Sanford, Florida after walking down the street wearing a hoodie, carrying a bag of Skittles and Arizona tea.

3). Freddie Gray was arrested by Baltimore, Maryland police department on April 12, 2015. While in police custody, Freddie Gray was transported in a police van and fell into a trauma coma. He died on April 19, 2015 due to spinal cord injuries caused while in police custody.

There has been more fatal incidents beside the ones mentioned. It has caused a major controversy throughout the world and people from all backgrounds, ethnic groups, and divisions are protesting to end violent crimes throughout the Black Communities. We must all stand together to stop hate on hate crimes no matter the ethnicity.

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