Thinking about civil engineering

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This HW involves thinking about your major, curriculum, required and elective class, and extra and co curricular activities you want to participate in before you graduate. You are to develop a course and extra/co-curricular activity , semester-by-semester PLAN for every semester (including summers till you graduate. This is NOT your official plan, this is a class exercise for you to generate your first comprehensive plan. In addition to classes, this should include CO-Op, Internships, greek Life, Minors of all sorts, clubs, professional development activities, sports, etc… In addition to performing a class function of you thinking about your progress through your curricula/time at UA, devevloping this plan is a part of your own personal/professional development. remember failing to plan is planning to fail.

This should be a semester by semester document that can either be a bulleted list per semester or a Table or chart. It can be created in word or Excel or others but must be loaded into blackboard as a PDF.

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