Theoretical Aspects of Conspiracy Investigations law homework help

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Investigate! – Types of Evidence
1-Two major types of evidence found at scenes are fingerprints and DNA. CODIS is the investigative database that collects and supports DNA evidence information. IAFIS is the investigative database that supports fingerprint evidence information. Investigators should have a working knowledge of both of these databases in order to use the information in these systems as an investigative tool. This individual work assignment will cover CODIS and IAFIS.

2- In your own words, describe the Integrated Automated Fingerprint Identification System (IAFIS).


Investigators should have a working knowledge of trace evidence since this type of evidence is common and can help prove or refute conspiracies. This exercise will focus on understanding how to collect, preserve, and analyze trace evidence. It will also cover how trace evidence can help support the crime of conspiracy. In 3 – 4 paragraphs, write about the following:

  • Choose one aspect of trace evidence (example: toxicology, hairs, fibers) and write about it.
  • Include the best way to collect, preserve and analyze your choice of evidence.
  • Include how that particular piece of trace evidence can help prove the crime of conspiracy in general.

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