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First you have to Read “The Sermon on the Mount” (The Gospel According to Saint Matthew: Chapters 5 – 7) take apart from these chapters and put it in the biblical citation then analyze it.

The omeals story has to do with what the slavery have to do with it, why people abuse other people, the reason why slavery happens, and find something that condemns it in the bible. Demonstrate that you read the story and you know where to find and how its related in the book. Basically, you are analyzing the quotes from bible and relate to omeals and the form that I will choose it for you.

The form I chose is (forced marriage) so in the biblical citation you will quote a related quotations from the bible from chapter 5-7 and paste it. Under the quotations you will analyze it and use the connections on the two sources (omeals and the forced marriage)

> here is a link for omeals story.

for the forced marriage you can use outside sources but you have to cite everything.


Calibri 11pt; double-spacing; 2 ENTIRE pages (minimum and maximum).

Use in-text citations for all sacred texts (e.g. Jb 38: 4), and Chicago Manual of Style (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. for all other texts (with the exception that there should be no double-spacing in the footnotes and bibliography). use footnotes too!!!

Use universal language (e.g. “humankind” not “mankind”).

Bibliographic Information for omeal (use this citation)

Title: Those Who Walk Away from Omelas

Author: Ursula K. Le Guin

Publisher: Creative Education

Location: Mankato

Year: 1997

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