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Supervisory Management Class

Book title: Supervisory Management 9th Edition The Art of Inspiring, Empowering, and Developing People

by Mosley Mosley Pietri

Case 9-1 “The Shift to Team Leadership”

You work for a company interested in initiating a team leadership
training program, and your plant manager has appointed you to an ad hoc
task force to study the feasibility of implementing such a program in
your plant. In one of the company’s other plants, however, supervisors
resisted team leadership, giving the following reasons:

1. Lack of time

2. Leader mind-set (” it’s the leader’s job to make the major decisions.”)

3. Lack of trust in employees

4. Lack of confidence and employees’ abilities or judgment

5. Potential for major negative consequences (“too risky,” “too costly”)

6. Leader’s belief that the leader Knows Best

7. Leader’s concern that developed employees will erode leader’s base of power (” they’re not dependent anymore.”)

8. Leader’s perception that employees don’t desire development (”
They don’t really care; they only want to do the minimum required.”)


1. Brainstorm ways to overcome supervisors’ predicted resistance to developmental leadership.

2. Outline an initial training agenda for the developmental leadership program to present to the plant manager.

3. Present your analysis and recommendations to the plant manager.

4. Determine which program appears to have the best chance of success and why.

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