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I need add more sentences base on this essay. For example, describe more details about customs of Thanksgiving Day and analyze the reason of author’s bias. In short, I need write 4-5 pages. Please use some simple sentences and simple words. In addition, This is some requirements:

Essay One

Image Analysis

Length: 4-5 full pages

Style: MLA Format (See guidelines in Keys for Writers)

Possible points: 100 (Grade calculated according to English 111 rubric)

Assignment: Your first essay is an image analysis which should describethe painting we have been working with,explain what message this painting is communicating, and how it expressesits message.

Before you start writing you may research the background information on the history of the Thanksgiving holiday. Remember, though, that this essay should concentrate onyour personal impression and reflection.

Examine the painting very carefully and note how it makes you feel. Pay attention to the style and techniques the artist used, the use of light, color, and shape, the focus, the composition of the image, and the way the elements are oriented in relationship to one another.

Prewriting: Begin by brainstorming and mapping (Keys pp. 15-17). Describe the elements and composition of the painting.Write down your thoughts and feelings prompted by it. Try to formulate your main idea, then think of three or four key points in support of your claim. Think of a logical way to organize your arguments and make an informal outline.

Putting it Together:Formulate a strong thesis statement(consult Keys pp. 18-20 or College Writing p. 23).Choose your approach: your main point may be about how the main message of the painting, about the artist’s technique, or about the conflict between the message of the painting and the history of the real first Thanksgiving.Think of an original title.

Develop yourthesis with several paragraphs and logical transitions between them to maintain coherence. Make sure the description of the paintingis detailed enough so that a reader can visualize it without actually seeing it.Use specific, expressive words. After a good, detailed description, you may move to the social or cultural elements that are reflected in the painting’s content.Analyze the way the artist appeals to the audienceand concentrate on the connection between the features of the painting and the effect they produce on the viewer.

Make sure to group your ideas together into coherent paragraphs. Each paragraph should start with a topic sentence (Keys pp. 24-25 or College Writing p. 6) and should contain only the sentences that go with that topic sentence.

Wrap up with a conclusion that would remind the readers of your main argumentand provide a sense of completion (see Keys pp. 35-36 for advice on writing a good conclusion). You may revisit your main points or reflect on the issues you discussed, but make sure not to use identical wording you already employed in the introduction and the body of the paper and do not start a completely new point.

Revising Your Essay: You should revise your essay several times making sure that your draft is clear, interesting, and fits the assignment.Check that your opinion is expressed clearly, the examples and arguments are relevant and logical, and that your paper iscohesive and well-organized. Edit your language to make it specific and clear, include transitions that will tie the parts of your essay together. Finally, type it according to MLA style, submit itthrough Turn-It-In and place a copy in your writing portfolio.

Additional Notes: Your paper will be graded using the English 111 rubric as a guide. You must follow MLA formatting guidelines or your essay may be returned ungraded. Essays shorter than three full pages will receive 50% grade. Be aware of the due dates listed above submit your work on time.


The paper is at least 4 full pages long.

It is formatted according to MLA guidelines. Name, instructor name, course #, date are in the upper left hand corner. There is a header with your last name and page number in the upper right corner. The paper is typed, double-spaced using 12-point font and 1″margins.

The paper has an interesting and personalized title.

It starts with an introduction that contains a clear thesis statement that expresses your opinion on the poster(s) you are analyzing.

It supports the thesis with several logical and convincing arguments.

Each paragraph starts with a topic sentence and talks about only one main point

It has a conclusion that sums up your discussion.

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