The Origins of the Silk Road assignment help

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Write a short research paper that it is between five and seven pages in length, utilizing the research paper guidelines found in the “course documents” folder. (TOPIC: THE ORIGINS OF THE SILK ROAD)

Rubric Categories: Topic approved by instructor 5 points (TOPIC: THE ORIGINS OF THE SILK ROAD)

(Submission of research paper proposal and receipt of instructor approval, indicated by a 100 for this assignment)

Length (more than 5, no more than 7, pages) 5 points

(Does not include any preliminary pages, such as title page; pages after end of narrative for tables, appendices, and/or bibliography; and space for maps, tables, charts, diagrams, photos, etc., in the body of the paper

Introductory Paragraph/Thesis    5 points

Narrative (logical, accurate) 45 points

Summary/Closing Paragraph5 points

Free of errors   5 points

 (no grammatical or punctuation errors,no misspellings)

Adequate/Correct Documentation 10 points

Footnotes or endnotes ONLY)

Minimum number/quality of sources used 5 points

(More than 5, mixture of printed and internet sources—you do not have access to printed sources, such as military in Middle East [need to send me e-mail to let me know]; NOTE: You cannot use the textbook or any encyclopedias [software like Encarta; on-line such as Wikipedia, or printed such as World Book] of any kind as a source)

Bibliography/List of Works Cited   5 points

TOTAL 100 points

See attached RESEARCH PAPER GUIDE provided by instructor as well as my topic proposal for this paper.

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