The Four Types of Crime

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Hi, I need help with writing my 2nd and last mini paper for the semester, please. Would you be able to write this for me again?

The following are the instructions for this mini paper:

Each paper must include at least one citation from a scholarly source that was not required reading in the course. This will require some research at the library. Scholarly sources include peer-reviewed academic journals or official government publications.

Based on what you have learned in the course so far, write a paper addressing the following prompt. Back up your arguments with scholarly sources, cited in APA format:

Among the four types of crimes (i.e., crimes against persons, crimes against property, white-collar crimes, drug crimes), which do you think is the most serious? Why?

They must be typed in a Microsoft Word document, Times New Roman 12-point font, 1-inch margins only, double-spaced, and spell checked. A minimum of 3 pages is required, not including the references page. Use APA style for references, citations, headings, and formatting. You are not required to provide an abstract nor a cover page.

Thank you so much.

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