The Experience of Disease: Psychosocial Aspects of Movement Disorder, health and medicine homework help

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Degenerative Diseases

Ashford University Discussion

to engaging in this discussion, read “The Experience of Disease:
Psychosocial Aspects of Movement Disorder” (Jacopini, 2000), “Caregiver
Bodywork: Family Members Experiences of Caring for a Person With Motor
Neuron Disease” (Ray & Street, 2006), and “Biopsychosocial
Predictors of Depressive Mood in People With Parkinson’s Disease”
(Moore,, 2007). Additionally, review Chapter 3 in your text and
watch the Andres Lozano:  Parkinson’s, Depression and the Switch That
Might Turn Them Off video.  Review the Instructor Guidance.

For this discussion, refer to the information in the SOC313 Family Document
Ella’s father, Frederic, has Parkinson’s disease.  In 250 words, given
what you know about the members of the family, analyze and comment on
the potential effects this condition/illness might have on them. Select
two individuals from different generations and analyze the similarities
and differences in their perspectives on this condition from the lens of
their stage of life and development. Explain the kinds of emotional
and/or behavioral changes that might be expected. How might the various
family members react to them?

Support your claims with research from at least one scholarly source beyond your textbook.

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