The Employment Process

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What do you think are the most serious weaknesses in the interviewing process as conducted at many small businesses? How could these be remedied? Are on-line testing and games to screen potential candidates fair in your estimation? Why or why not?

Please response each posted below. # 1 to 3

1. From:Wesley Turner posted Apr 25, 2018 8:07 PM

  • What do you think are the most serious weaknesses in the interviewing process as conducted at many small businesses?

The most serious weaknesses in the interviewing process conducted at a small business is the process of interviewing, that mostly allows one person to interview since it is a small business that usually has one interviewer. The biggest weakness is not having a second person to help with the interview to help in analyzing and ask great questions.

  • How could these be remedied?

It could be remedied by allowing the potential employee to answer and ask questions that would be helpful for both the employee and employer.

  • Are on-line testing and games to screen potential candidates fair in your estimation? Why or Why not?

Yes, it allows the employer to get a since of the skills, quick thinking, and everything that is needed to do the job that is expected. During an interview, there is not a way that you can fully see who you are hiring until they get on the job and start working. It helps the filtering process.

2. From: rent Howard posted Apr 28, 2018 1:32 AM

Hi all,

I believe there is a gap in the way large corporations hire vs small businesses. The biggest challenge the small business faces in the hiring process is the guidelines. What I mean by this is corporations have proven processes in place and probably have many years of tweaking and remodeling the way they interview. They also have the advantage of having a team collaborate and come up with what they believe are the best questions and throw out ideas that don’t work. Where as the small business is relying on two or even just one person to come up with they think is the best set of scenarios or questions without the approval of the committee. This could also hold true with the write up of the job description and you could attract unqualified personnel.

I also believe that online games and testing to screen potential candidates are fair. I think it can help weed out some people who don’t hold the skill set you are looking for and in the long run will save you time and money from going through the whole interview process with essentially someone who was never qualified in the first place. Time and money are crucial parts to any business so if there is a way to save on it then I am all for it.

3. From: Tyler Cugino posted Apr 28, 2018 9:48 AM

This week had some very interesting information on the interviewing process for small businesses. There are many weaknesses that come with interviewing for a small business. These are mainly because of having less resources than a large business. I feel that the most serious weakness would be trying to find the right person to fill the void in your company. In a small business it is easy to know you need help to grow your business and make it successful. The problem is being able to identity what exactly you need in order to fill that void. Small businesses problems start by correctly identifying what they need and the job duties for the new employee. This creates problems during the interview because the interviewer does not know what they are looking for or what questions to ask while the interviewee does not know what the responsibilities are of the position they are trying to get or how to answer the questions being asked.

I feel this specific problem could be easily fixed. After a small business notices they need help in order to become successful, they need to completely identify what exactly they need and then post that in the job description they are hiring for. Next, they need to look through applicants and find the right candidate that has the correct qualifications. After that, they need to form interview questions to the job specifications and pick the candidate that has the appropriate responses for the job descriptions described in the job description.

One new tool that is being used to screen potential candidates is online testing and games. I feel this is unfair because it does not allow you to really get to know the person on the other side of the test or game. Many people respond differently on technology than in real life and crossing people off because of poor answers on the computer does not give that person a real honest chance at the job. This could force you to cross off perfect candidates without ever getting to meet them.

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