The EIS Steering Committee, paraphrasing help

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Please can you paraphrase it and make it as 3 sample sentence.

-The EIS
Steering Committee acts as an internal board of directors for IT: It is chaired
by the business, approves IT’s strategic direction, oversees IT investments,
and resolves disputes.

-The IT Council
represents the interests of the business units and the corporation. It is
chaired by the CIO and includes information officers from the units. On the one
hand, the members advocate Projects that drive unique value for a particular
business. On the other hand, they present decisions to their respective areas
to ensure alignment. The council also drives standards, oversees service level
management, and approves the IT infrastructure.

Performance Teams represent the interests of business process teams. They are
chaired by process owners or business leaders, they drive initiatives aimed at
improving business performance, and they ensure that standards are being

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