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First read what below

Final Project Checklist

this is how you will contractor according to the answer below 

Answer the questions below using complete sentences. These questions are meant to help you plan your final project.

Response to Question 1

What kind of project option will you complete?  Please choose from the following: Commercial, Pamphlet or Brochure, Web site, a Visual response (please specify whether you plan to do a comic, a short documentary, or an advertisement).

–Answer below:

I will be constructing a Web site.

.:Select the questions that pertain to your project type and answer them in full:


• What types of audiences (resistant, neutral, sympathetic) will you appeal to, and/or what appeals (ethos, pathos, logos) will you use?

• What types of visuals/text will you use to make your Web site interesting?

• Give a short 3-5 sentence overview of the goals of your Web site.

• Talk about one or two things you learned from reviewing the resources provided in the lesson.

–Answer below:

I will be constructing my Web site for a resistant audience. Because my topic is very controversial I will have to be putting my thoughts and ideas that might not be pleasing to everyone. I will be using facts to attract the audience. Many of the facts are from good sources that will catch the eye of the reader to engage into my article.

I will add my three best augments and trusted sources to obtain the interest of my readers. My first page will explain the thoughts and the personal exciting experiences of the Lieutenant Colonel that I have interviewed. Then my next page shall talk about the dangers that the military can find when men and women are together. On my final page I will have all the facts on how men and women have different body structures and that it is very important for all troops to pass the combat courses. 

My goal is to make my web site easy to go through and striking to read. I will make only 4 pages to my site as to make the web site short. The less pages will make my site easier for my readers to navigate to each page and point. With my three best arguments and my reliable sources I will be able to strike the readers.

From this lesson I have acquired knowledge of design how to apply my knowledge of audiences and appeals. The work of design has been tougher than I thought. I had to think of articles that I have read and see how they work to grave the attention of readers. I hope that I will be able to apply my knowledge of this lesson to gain the eyes of readers as to promote my Web site.

Second I gave you an example of my friend website also I gave you his essay so you need to read his essay “333.doc” and check his website. so you can do mine . I will do the website you just need to give me the best points of the essay according to how I told you in the top.

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