The Effect Single Parenthood Has On African Americans Males Joining Gangs

Slide 1 Statement of the problem (The effect single motherhood has on African American males joining gangs)

Slide 2 explain the purpose of the study

Slide 3 research question

Slide 4 theoretical framework summarize the social cognitive theory and how it

applies to my study

Slide 5 literature review summarize the key points of the literature review

Slide 6 methodology summarize why i chose the qualitative method and why was

it a better Decision that quantitative method

Slide 7 research design

Slide 8 data collection

Slide 9 come up with and summarize results

slide 10 come up with and summarize the finding of the study

Slide 11 sampling summarize how i chose my participants

Slide 12 future recommendations for the study

Slide 13 Strength & Limitations

Slide 14 References

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