The cyclical or iterative nature of the literature, writing homework help

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Using 200 or more respond to this post discussion using in text citations APA format


The cyclical or iterative nature of the literature review is a cycle or repetitive. According to Whisker (2015), to continue ongoing dialogues in the chosen field, in the context of other work, a good literature review enables the clarification of a theorized lens that is cast on the research. In addition, as the researcher adds the elements of their research to the literature review, the research continues to add newly discovered literature to build the work. The literature review develops along with the research to emphasize the argument, new contributions, and develop a level of understanding. It shows the awareness of the gaps, and makes a case for the way the new research develops. In addition, this concept cycles continuously, meaning the research of new literature is ongoing through the dissertation study and the prospectus and proposal updated throughout the process. Along with updating the prospectus and proposal, the ten strategic points will need updated as well.


Wisker, G. (2015). Developing doctoral authors: engaging with theoretical perspectives through the literature review. Innovations In Education & Teaching International, 52(1), 64-74. doi:10.1080/14703297.2014.981841

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