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Annotated bibliographies can be valuable in organizing and preparing one’s research paper or project (Johnson,Rettig, Scott, & Garrison, 2015). Bibliographies contain information of authors, titles and publishers from various sources such as peer review journals, books and publications while an annotation is a summary or evaluation of a source. Thus, annotated bibliographies are brief summaries of the listed sources relating to a specific research topic (Stacks, Karper, Bisignani, & Brizee, 2013). Annotated bibliographies can help increase one’s verbal and writing skills by compelling him or her to thoroughly read and analyze each source relating to the research topic then develop an in-depth summary of the main points of the source. Furthermore, individuals that summarize their sources will likely absorb pertinent information of their research topic thus allowing them to integrate such information into their related field of study or work (Johnson et al, 2015).

The use of annotated bibliographies would be valuable in my role as a victim’s specialist because it would allow me to list the various sources available in a specific area relating to victim services and the impacts of such services (Johnson, et al., 2015). Furthermore, summarizing annotated bibliographies will aid in determining which sources are significant and useful in my area of interest.


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Respond to the bold paragraph ABOVE by using one of the option below… in APA format with At least one reference…..

Ask a probing question.

Share an insight from having read your colleague’s posting.

Offer and support an opinion.

Validate an idea with your own experience.

Make a suggestion.

Expand on your colleague’s posting.

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