Texting and Driving Behavior, psychology homework help

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homework assignments (HW 1, 2, 3, and the
Research Proposal) must be based on
one of the following research topics:

Media and its Impact on
Behavior (e.g., violence, aggression, prosocial behavior)

The Impact of
Distractions, such as Music, on Memory or the Memory Process

Daycare and the Social
Development of Young Children

Texting and Driving

Social Influence and

Obedience to Authority

Social Media and Body

Obesity and Adolescence

The Impact of Physical
Exercise on Depression

How Social Roles can
Influence Behavior

HW #1 (25 points): Homework one is a rough
draft of the literature review section of your research proposal. Remember that
the topic of this assignment should be from one of the above mentioned 10

assignment should be presented in APA and requires an introduction paragraph –
complete with a clearly stated purpose – and at least five pages of a
literature review. You also need to include at least four citations within your
literature review. This assignment is meant to serve as the primary foundation
for your literature review. Your final literature review should be between five
and seven pages. Sociology majors may do your assignments in ASA, but you must
indicate this to me prior to turning in your assignments. This assignment is due by 11:59pm on Sunday of week 2.


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